Baby Line

New Baby Line: soft toys and toy blankets

a charming addition to the magical Lumo Stars universe.

The new Baby Line products have been designed for infants and toddlers. The soft and lovely products are perfect for 0-3 year olds. Product safety has been emphasized in the design process and the shapes and colours of the toys support the different development stages of babies.

Blankets – baby’s most important toys that accompany them everywhere.

Baby Line contains two different product groups ­­– soft toys and toy blankets.

Both product groups include eight popular Lumo Stars characters. Baby Line soft toys differ from ordinary Lumo Stars soft toys when it comes to eyes and material choices. In addition, in toy blankets the body of the soft toy has been replaced by a blanket, which can be freely touched and twisted by small hands. The soft toy characters are familiar favourites and their backstory is just as enchanting as before.

A true cuddly friend for the whole childhood.





Size: 30 x 30 cm


Height: 20 cm


Passed extensive tests

The soft toys can handle even the fiercest cuddles. Their embroidered eyes are soft and safe for toddlers. The soft toys have been made from hairless and extremely smooth materials, which makes touching them pleasant. It is safe to kiss or even chew on them a little.

The best comfort and softness

The toy blankets are perfectly suited for babies. Babies play differently compared to older children. Texture, different details and colours are important to them. A soft toy or a blanket can become the dearest sleep toy for a baby, because the material feels pleasantly soft. A fluffy and cute soft toy invites the baby to cuddle and maybe squeeze it by the ear once the baby’s motor skills evolve further. The products are washable, so it’s easy to keep them clean at all times.

Long-lasting love

The products have been designed to endure time and use. Like all Lumo Stars soft toys, they also include a QR code. The code allows you to use the Lumo Stars app. As children grow, they can find their favourite toy in a digital form and continue playing with them on a smart device.