Lumo Stars Velvet

Are you looking for a new friend to cuddle and play with?

The super soft and cute Lumo Stars Velvet plush toys are here, waiting for your embrace!

The Lumo Stars Velvet plush toys have been inspired by Nordic wild animals such as bunnies, bears and reindeers as well as common pets like cats and dogs! Their beautiful and vibrant colours are based on colours of nature and combine reality with fantasy.

The adorable plush toys have been made from soft polyester fibre and their embroidered eyes and noses are safe for babies and older children alike.


A new Velvet Bunny 2020: Rattle


The characters have their own fun and endearing personalities.

Bunny, Neela
Favourite Food: Strawberries and candy
Favourite thing to do: Staying up late and singing
I’m a wild one! I bet you can’t catch me. Wanna play tag?
Name day: April 24th
Cat, Minka
Favourite Food: Oranges and cookies
Favourite thing to do: Climbing and running
I may look small and cuddly
but I roar like a lion. Grr!
Name day: December 13th
Dog, Max
Favourite food: Sausages
Favourite thing to do: Pet
I´m soft as velvet, also in my heart! I will love you even if we part!
Name day: October 3rd
Mouse, Piip
Favourite food: Cheese and jam
Favourite thing to do: Digging holes and hiding
Piip, piip! Thats how I sound like when I´m near. It´s also my name, and you have no reason to be afraid.
Name day: February 13th
Reindeer, Milo
Favourite food: Leaves and lichen
Favourite things to do: Walking in the forrest
I’m at my best in the snow, but if you take me with you, there is no place I wouldn´t go!
Name day: May 1st


It’s time to have fun!

These velvety buddies also come with QR-codes that allow you to access the Lumo Stars application.

The free app contains fascinating information about your enchanting new friend and exciting games to play.

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