Get Well

Lumo Stars Get Well plush toys are ready to bring joy to every patient’s day!

Anyone who has been sick knows, that it can be quite dull. Would you like to comfort a friend or family member who has gotten sick? Get Well plush toys are great at comforting and they can stay with patients to keep them company.

Sometimes even the Lumo Stars buddies get hurt. It’s easy to relate to a plush toy with a broken arm or band-aid on their forehead. Shared pain is easier to endure and having a cuddly friend right next to you makes everything better!

Lumo Stars Get Well buddies

Size: 15 cm

Duck with bandage, Duck Cuddle me and care for me. I hurt my wing but it will get better if we sing.
Bear with thermometer, Lili This little teddy has fever. Pamper me a bit to help me get well sooner.
Brown Bear with syringe, Teddy I’m a bit sore, so care for me. It’s comforting when you stroke me.
Panda with plaster, Luca I injured myself when I played with a ball. Hug me and it won’t hurt anymore!