Lumo Stars Story

Welcome to the enchanting and playful world of Lumo Stars plush toys!

Lumo Stars plush toys are based on a children’s book called Northern Brights, written by Kati Heljakka in April 2017.

The Lumo Stars collection includes incredibly cute plush toys of different size and shape. Each plush has its own name, name day and personality description.

In addition to plush toys, the collection also includes collectible figurines, surprise eggs, bags, baby toys, games, puzzles and activity books.

The Lumo Stars story can also be found from a digital application. Once you have downloaded the app, use it to scan the QR code on your plush toy and enjoy different activities. The app is free.

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The Design from Finland mark indicates the origin of unique Finnish design and emphasises the importance of intangible work for Finland’s success and employment.

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Lumo Stars has been granted the Zabawka Roku 2022 award in Poland!

Zabawka Roku is a very highly valued toy contest and this is the highest award a toy range can get in Poland.
We are very proud!
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The Lumo Stars Northern Brights Bedtime Story is written by Kati Heljakka in April, 2017:

Nordic animals live in a land, which is in turn filled by blinding light and mystical darkness. The nightless nights of the summer grow into a dusky autumn, and then a dark winter. Glimmering waters crystallize and form a crunching layer of snow, while a blanket with a thousand stars covers the sky as the year unfolds.

The northern night sky is dark like velvet.

The northern winter is snow white.

When the autumn is over, it is time for first snow.
At first, you might think that no one lives in the forest.
But can you see the tracks in the snow? Come, let’s follow it!

You can read the whole story from the video above.